About the Kitchens Road Festival

Kitchens Road Family Festival 2016 from Nick Landon on Vimeo.


Festival History and "Rat" the mule by Bobby Kitchens

Walter Monroe Kitchens was my grandfather and he acquired this land somewhere around 1903. He planted fruit trees all around which many still stand today.

My father W.M. Kitchens raised more than fruit trees he raised children two boys and six daughters. He purchased a mule off a mule train which stopped in Coopers. The mule was named "Rat" and my daddy thought more of him than all of us children.

He would tell people that Rat fed his entire family and I guess he was right. My daddy told the story that Rat came up from Texas and had killed his previous owner. He had markings on him to warn people that he was dangerous.

One day our dog, a Pit Bull, jumped up and locked down on Rat's nose and mouth, Rat just leaned down to the ground and stomped that dog to death. Don't mess with Rat.

If you have been around the festival or seen the billboards or T-shirts you've already met Rat the mule. He's the face of the festival because he meant so much to our father just seeing Rat brings back memories. The festival is a whole lot about remembering.

One Sunday in 2010 I was cutting the grass out here and when I finished I sat on the mower and just thought how beautiful and peaceful it was. I couldn't stop thinking about how this would be a perfect place to bring our family and friends together and enjoy God's Beautiful spot he blessed us with.

We had several get-togethers here and finally I lost my mind and called Randy Newton. We
brainstormed on what it would take to have a festival. Never dreaming of how much time, money and work it would take just to do the first one.

Well it's been a roller coaster ride since our first year in 2012, but we wouldn't trade any of the experiences, the friends we've made, or all the hard word that has brought us here.  2017 is our "Sixth Annual Kitchens Road Old Time Family Festival". Family and Friends talking, remembering, laughing and making new memories. That's "Kitchens Road".


The Lions Club and "Kitchens Road"

Six years ago Bobby Kitchens approached the Milledgeville Lions Club about being involved in the Kitchens Road Old Time Family Festival. After meeting with him at the fair's location and discussing how we could help we became partners. The festival gives us the opportunity to reach out to a larger number of people and let them know what our organization is all about.

The Lions Club of Milledgeville provides vision and hearing screenings for those qualifying living in our area. With the help of our community, we provide glasses, sight saving surgeries, and hearing aids.

With other Georgia clubs, we also sponsor the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind in Waycross, Georgia.

Some of our annual fund raisers include the Spaghetti Supper, The Fish-A-Thon, plus selling mops, brooms, or a cup of coffee at the Kitchens Road Family Festival

If you would like to learn more about the Milledgeville Lions Club, feel free to contact us at
cwhrx@yahoo.com or by mail at P.O. Box 972 Milledgeville Ga 31059.

You can also join us for our bi-monthly meeting at the International House Of Pancakes in Milledgeville on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7:00 PM.






Kitchens Road Old Time Family Festival

370 A Kitchens Road SW Haddock, Georgia 31033

Randy Newton 478-288-6205

Bobby Kitchens 478-251-4993